Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Accomplice ahoy!!

It's official! As of today, I have a part-time accomplice to help with a few of my Yarnificationz exploits! My accomplice does not wish to be named, or to take part in attaching any knitting/crochet, but is happy to help with the actual production of aforementioned yarnification! A very accomplished back room accomplice she is too. Yay! Watch out Nelson!

On that topic, I am delighted that my woven cotton "yarnificationz" labels have arrived from up north. Now to re-visit the scenes of my yarnification and tag with these labels which will point people in the direction of this blog if they are interested. The New Zealand-owned company who made the labels is called "Name It" and here is their website link. I highly recommend the company. I placed an internet order last Monday, they gave me excellent customer service on the phone half an hour later when I wanted to slightly alter my order, and the labels arrived last Friday. Here's a pic of the labels - as yet unused. . .

As I think I said in my last post, my concentration has been all over the place since the big earthquake last week.  However, after lots of trial and error, I eventually discovered that I had retained my ability to knit i-cord. Over the weekend, I put one of those pieces of i-cord into action. It's now an aerial cosy!!

That little rainbow aerial cosy brightens my day even when the sadness that grips the whole country seems overwhelming. . . it's a small thing, but maybe it is a first step in finding some reasons to smile?


  1. Yes .. A reason to smile ..
    OR .....
    .. A reason to look really, really worried and sidle up beside me and say quietly .. "OMG, Mum's actually knitted and arial cosy for her car" ...
    LOL .. I think our son has recovered now though .. :)

  2. Yeah, although he did admit (even to me!) that he finds the aerial cosy "a bit embarrassing!"

  3. I wouldn't mind one It's delightful...... Do you take orders :-)

  4. Certainly could do. . . will be in touch ;-) Thanks Clancy.

  5. Yes you could sell these big time ... think of all of us who stand in a sea of cars in a carpark wondering, "now where did I park my jalopy???" Where if i had one of your aerial cosies (bright pink please) I would be confident to leave my car knowing I could find it again ha ha. Are you off to buy lots of flouro wool??? You do make me smile knitapotamus!

  6. Ok Megan, will look out for some bright pink fluoro yarn!! I am always "mislaying" my car in car parks and I have to agree, the rainbow aerial cosy really helps!

  7. I saw the tree cardi. Nice and warm. Haha.
    Your vegies look good enough to eat. yum-yum
    (It won't rhyme!)