Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arohanui CHCH

Last weekend we did a flying visit to Christchurch (CHCH). Drove down one day and back the next, with a stop in Amberley overnight. I really wanted to leave some yarnification to brighten the place up a bit, but was not organised ahead of time. So, on the way down there when I wasn't driving I was knitting! A red acrylic square of stocking stitch, really rather boring but my plan was to embroider something on it. While we were in Amberley I finished knitting the square and embroidered a heart with CHCH in it.  Even attached a Yarnificationz label so anyone who finds it can check back here at the blog if they are interested.

The next day we continued down to CHCH, met up with a ravelry friend (awesome to meet her at last!) and did what we were there to do. On the way out of CHCH I suddenly remembered I had not put up my yarnification, so we stopped at the next likely spot we saw and much to the bemusement of my own family and passing drivers, I scurried out of the car and spent a hasty few minutes sewing "Arohanui CHCH" in place. If you live locally and want to find it, it's on Normans Road, just beside the intersection with Papanui Road. It looks quite good against the liquefaction grey, I think. . .

Hopefully this tiny bit of yarnification will make a few people smile and remind them that the rest of us are still thinking of them down in quakey-shakey CHCH. Talking of which, recently I was contacted by someone from NZ Kidz Mag and we are talking about the possibility of organising a yarnification blitz on CHCH over the next few months. . . so watch this space for more news, and if you would like to get involved please let me know. Only very basic knitting/crochet skills necessary and contributions welcome from far and near :)


  1. OMG so cool... what an awesome thing to do... Thank you from us in Christchurch...

  2. Very fab :-)
    I'd love to send some stuff for a Christchurch blitz. I'll keep an ear out...

  3. Great, thanks JacBer. I will let you know what we are up to :)