Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nutrition and Physical Activity Dept, by special request - part 1

Last month I got a request to add a little yarnification to the "Nutrition and Physical Activity" part of the Public Health department at the hospital. I have quite a major plan in mind, but here is part 1 (the simplest!) Hope you like it so far, "Greenman and Booboo" ;-)

Fence post cosy
Bike rack cosies with fence post cosy behind
 The bike rack cosies look so short that I might well add some extra length to them at a later stage. I knitted the ribbed one in the foreground, and my Wifie (aka Partner-in-Craft) knitted the stripy multi-textured one in the background. The Accomplice knitted the rainbow fence post cosy, so this was really a team effort.

Talking of the Accomplice, when I drove past the front entrance of the hospital I spotted that the she had been bold enough to sew a cosy onto one of the trees, which she thought looked a bit cold in this wintry weather. Last Sunday we had snow in this area for the first time in many years. . . the tree certainly looks warmer now!!


  1. Excellent stuff! I love your bike rack cosies, and the tree definitely looked like it needed warming :-)

  2. Greenman & BooBooAugust 12, 2011 at 4:23 PM

    Greenman and BooBoo were super-excited to see that Knitapotamus had paid us a surprise night-time visit..... everyone who ventured into our office, was given a private viewing of the bike rack and carport cosies whether they wanted to or not! Not only that Knitapotamus, but you left us a note as well to the envy and amusement of our colleagues... now we're all braced and waiting for Stage II of your project with bated breath (not to be confused with baited breath!). Thankyou Knitapotamus, The Accomplice and Partner-in-craft .... bring it on - we'll be watching!!