Friday, May 27, 2011

Hospital Helipad Yarnification

So, every work day I see the hospital helipad and warning sign, and every day I have thought it could do with a little brightening up. I've been busy the last couple of evenings working on a little something for the helipad, and today I put my latest yarnification in place. . .

A little crocheted red rescue helicopter with knitted i-cord rotor blades and skids, as a homage to the Summit Rescue Helicopter which frequents the helipad. I used the "Teeny toy helicopter" pattern by Meghan Brawley, which I downloaded from ravelry

 I also knitted a sign cosy using the Little Red Helicopter Chart by Sandra J├Ąger. Two helicopters - one on the back and one on the front of the sign. . .

Hope my latest yarnification doesn't break any Civil Aviation Authority rules?! In the small print of the sign it says that trespassers are liable for prosecution plus a penalty of 3 months prison or $2000 fine, but with any luck my little helicopters won't be seen as trespassers, and nor will I!
I'll let you know. . .


  1. at last another hit........ yah

  2. Thanks everyone :) When I went to work on Monday, I got a few nice comments re the helicopters from my colleagues, and as it was blowing a gale at the time, the helicopter was actually flying (albeit around in circles!)