Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eat your veggies!

NPA knitted veggies

Over the last couple of weeks I have been busily knitting five chillis, one aubergine/eggplant, one courgette/zucchini, one tomato, one leek, one carrot and one sweetcorn. A few eyebrows have been raised, let me tell you! But it was all  for a good cause. . . part 2 of the Nutrition and Physical Activity (NPA) Programme yarnification.



Promoting healthy eating is a key part of the NPA strategy, so what better than to decorate their surroundings with a selection of knitted veggies?! Here's the NPA "Healthy As" website and their feature on fresh foods. . .

Oh, and while I was there I added another bike rack cosy, so at least the bike rack would be warm even if I wasn't! Today another wintry cold snap began and that bitterly cold wind fresh from Antarctica was going right through me!


Before my hands froze to the metal I added a couple of fence hearts too ♥♥


I finished off my afternoon of yarnification with a trip over to the main entrance of the hospital, and sewed another bike rack cosy on there too. . . the one in the front:


Hopefully these yarnifications will bring a few smiles to peoples' faces. . .


  1. Greenman & BooBooAugust 15, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    Greenman and BooBoo were totally enamoured with the surprise awaiting them at the office this morning..... there were life-size vegies blowing in the breeze and two hearts on the fence! You know how much we love our vegies and now everyone else does too!! (Those vegies 'take the cake' .... ba da boom).
    Big hugs to Knitapotamus from two very grateful health promoters

  2. Knitted sweetcorn may be the cutest thing ever...


  3. Brilliant!
    I haven't tried veggies since my gherkin experiment.... lets just say that it would have looked at home at erotica the other weekend!

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